Bouncing off ideas for light/strong foil mount solutions

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building an efoil board from scratch and I would like to have some opinions on my foil mount solution. I think this is a crucial component of building an efoil and it would be great to have a post where we share all solutions that are proven to work.

I personally want to make it as light as possible while not sacrificing strength too much. I want to integrate a carbon fiber sheet with threaded inserts fixed in wood or plastic on the back end. Once I integrate this modified carbon fiber sheet onto the blank, I will laminate the board with 2 layers of carbon fiber or 1 CF and 1-2 glass.

This is the carbon fiber sheet I am looking at… It is pretty big so it should disperse the load fairly well. I’m wondering if 2mm is enough. For the inserts, I need something strong as it will get pulled a lot by the foil underneath the board. I’m currently using these to secure the lid of my current board and they work great. However, I don’t know if a small piece of wood might be too soft and give in when the insert is pulled significantly. Would a piece from a thick plastic cutting board offer more strength? I could warm it up and integrate these inserts into that plastic. Lastly, let me know if you know other types of inserts that might be easier to work with or stronger. Pitch in your ideas if you have some!

My old setup worked pretty good using 2,5 mm plate aluminum , top and bottom

Still working on the design of my new board , but I will probably redo the same thing : sandwich the board for the mast mount fixation instead going thick only on bottom

The middle ( hole for cable this time) , will be filled with hard liquid PU foam

Hobby king makes some carbone plate as well

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The SURFFIC inserts seem SS, really large and allow a laminated electric hatch. I don’t know where to find them though:

Surffic Hatch Int comments

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The inserts I shared are comparable to what surffic is using! I just need to make sure that the material I use to fix these inserts is strong enough to handle the load without failing.

I’m sure it would make for a strong mast mount but it will add considerable weight which I am trying to avoid!

Not sure but I need to test