Brand new PLE40 gearbox and sss360kv for sale

I am selling my spare brand new original PLE40 5:1 ratio and sss360kv motor. As you can see I have whole propulsion system ready and will ship it with all parts for no charge. Prints are with SLA printer and tough resin. Coupling is hood up to 12nm. All sealings are installed. Check the link for assembly video. CAd files arr available also. If I remember correctly I paid 150$ for motor and 340$ for the gearbox. I will cover the shipping fes for US. I am open to offers pm me if you are interested.![image|666x500](upload://9a7RPC4Gd5Bt9jN4mB8dWiFowmR.jpeg)

Hi Sami,

Where are you located ? Also, what’s the PLE40 ratio you’re using ?

Did you used the standard tough resin from formalbs 2 for you print ?

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I am located in US California and will cover the shipping for inside US. The Ratio is 5:1. Resin is Siraya Blue one of the known resin for its toughness.

Still available I am open for offers :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Sami,

Sorry I am located in EU. Also I am building a direct drive configuration :slight_smile:

Whoever Is interested I will let go everything for 300$ plus shipping.

I listed in ebay to make sure both party do business with confidence. Price is higher to accept offers from the community

Hello i see yours motor mount is for spider coupling it s what i chearch…are you ready to share the cao for stl file or oher thanks a lot .

It is sold! I will share all cad files for this design here later

good news :wink:Thanks a lot it s not for now i start my build