Breaking props! Need suggestions!

So I’ve broken two props this week. One regular PLA and the other carbon fiber PLA. I have a Flying Rodeo prop but it’s 12mm and my motor shaft is 10mm. Should I:

  • Make an aluminum sleeve for the FR prop?
  • Print another prop in another material?
  • Have a prop milled? (Costs around $350 at 3D Hub)

What about print and laminate? It’s a bit more work but some people have gotten decent results doing that!,

I see no point using printed props if you have the FR prop. Just shim it with a sleeve, search for ”bore reducer” or ”reducer sleeve” and you’ll find what you need.

If you want to experiment with 3d-prints then laminating with carbon or glass fibre is easy too, an example here: Caeses slow prop for 80100 and high drag board - Props & Ducts -

PS: looks like your second pic prop has infill? I make the printed blades solid by adding perimeter layers. Haven’t broken a prop yet.

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I kind of disagree. If you have a given setup like 12s and 100kv inrunner the FR prop will be boring soon. I fixed this by printed ones. Firstly you should always sand your prop prints. I use 140, 400, 600 and 1200 paper. The first run with 140 is truly the most exhausting one. I tried these props quite and they were fine but tent to brake, especially at start. Now I have coated one with gfk and epoxy which is still in a good shape. Please balance your props!


Good point!
From what i’ve read the FR prop is efficient and i’d think it’s hard to come close with a printed prop.

When you say FR gets boring, how much speed do you get out of your setup with this and with the printed (higher pitch?) prop?

38 km/h with printed two blade. When my second board is finished I can do some comparison but now I don’t want to switch mast all the time. So both setup, 120kv with FR and 100kv with printed are same speed. I can dig into all my logs and check if we can get an idea of consumptions

How much could you go with FR propeller on The 100kv, 34km/h?

Yes. I was only doing the default 3 layer perimeter. I’ve printed a new prop with 10 layers so it’s all perimeters on the blades now. I also noticed on the top of the duct that the prop was knocking into some plastic that got melted to the top from when I had issues removing the white prop (the first prop I used). So I’m hopeful this third prop will work since it’s better printed and has been sanded.

I did order this from amazon which might work to make the FR prop work. We shall see Friday!

Would love to test one of your props (with 10mm hole) if you’re getting those sorts of speeds! :wink: