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Would you consider a function where you tilt the whole remote left/right to steer? Like the way you can steer a DJI nowadays? Like in this video: LINK
This feature would of course be disabled during normal driving, but when pushing a button e.g. it will go into tilt-steer-mode?

I don’t think it would be such a good idea. When you want to steer the boogie it’s often because you’re riding on a wave or pumping (or both). At least for me that involves flailing around with my arms a lot and it would lead to a lot of unwanted input to the gyro and accelerometer. I’m pretty convinced the best solution is a wheel that’s reachable by the thumb, regardless if you’ve got the controller in your left or right hand.

Got it. Thought the steering is only used to drive the boogie back to you after you fell from the board and are swimming in the water.

I understand the temptation to go with the current toto-design. It looks great and for e-foil I think it’s pretty much as good as it can get. With that being said I think now is an excellent opportunity to design something that would work great for both e-foil and tow boogie. I spent a few hours trying to design something with thumb control around the current BREmote but the orientation of the hall sensors limits what you can do. If you had a clean slate and could mount the hall sensors anywhere you want I think you could design something that’s both easy to build and would work well for all disciplines.

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First idea on display and steering/selector, centered in the back


Love the matching band aid on your index finger :slight_smile:

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I was going to suggest a top mounted dial like the BBtalkin Takuma remote. I like the dial up as that actually feels pretty natural and on that remote its quite tunable in terms of running speed.


That or a small joystick. I know the skate community like the joystick option quite a lot.

why not something like this? Steering andd throttle with your thumb. No need changing between different inputs

If making a TFT/LCD screen waterproof is difficult, making the joystick waterproof will be almost impossible!

If you use a stick with hallsensors no need make it waterproof


I think for precise speed/throttle control the finger-actuated trigger-style solution is the way to go. State of the art solution for almost all eFoil in the market as well as RC cars, etc. Everywhere precise and intuitive throttle is needed basically.
Joystick is nice for x/y movement for sure, but I don’t see it as the solution here.


Another feature that I would like is if the remote could function as a BLE peripheral. I’m currently developing a foiling app for the Apple Watch and iPhone and if you exposed telemetry from the vesc over BLE I could show lots of data on the Apple Watch that might be difficult to squeeze into the dot-matrix display. This way we could get a great display without all the trouble of waterproofing the remote. It would also be easy to log data from the ride as well.


Sure, the module has BLE. Lets get together soon and think of a data format, etc.


Probably the best screen on any waterproof remote out there. :slight_smile: In combination with the super easy to read dot matrix display on the actual BREmote it’s pretty hard to beat. We just have to figure out what data to display and log.


I’m not huge into data logging, but that Apple Watch app looks like it would be super cool. So, it would be cool to be able to read one wire telemetry data from the dumb speed controllers like the flycolor x cross.

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I second a lot of @jenz 's suggestions:

  • GPS in the Tx and Rx would be awesome. Even if we don’t get follow right away, something easy like a vibrating alert if you get farther than a preset distance from the boogie would be really nice.
  • BLE peripheral make a ton of sense (publishing tx and rx gps data would be sweet)
  • I love the simplicity of the simple display.
  • It might be nice to think about one more form of input. It seems like if you have steering on your boogie, the current inputs are pretty fully utilized. If you are thinking about different modes like follow in the future, might be nice to have another button or toggle or something to get a little more information from the user.

What sort of timeline are you thinking about for this? Very exciting!

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Progress update:

I have rached a mechanical design I like

And played around with the matrix display a bit.
I created a “Frankenstein” V1.5 remote, with V1 electronics (apart from the display) and V2 housing. Intending to send this to friends within germany/EU for them to test out the shape and useability on the water with eFoil and boogie.
Findings so far: Assembly is much easier, Toggle/Steer has way more precision

Next step: Design electronics
This is also where the progress will slow down a bit, as iterations take weeks now rather than hours printing a new part at home. So don’t take this post the wrong way, the real V2 won’t be available in the next months already.

If you want to get a feeling for the shape, I will upload the mech. files in a few days, so you can try it out. If you are within EU and a hardcore boggie rider, feel free to PM me if you want to try the Frankenstein. It is compatible with the normal and LR V1 receivers you already have.


I am so excited about this!!

Nice, looks familiar :grinning: But this trigger will break very easy. I had the same style first too, then redesigned it to the “massive” version. If there is any possibility, you should make it more stable, or create and arc around it