Budget jetboard build suggestion

Hi from Italy,
I spend a lot of time reading on the forum, i want to build a budget friendly jet board.
I had in mind 2 possible option:

  1. Single jet configuration:
    Board: not sure yet, i was thinking about some short fish shape board, maybe custom ones…
    Motor: single Alien power system c80100 350kv outrunner motor
    ESC: FOCer 2 esc, i think that with adeguate cooling and some mods i can push it to 110A
    Jet Drive: saw this on thingiverse Water Jet (80mm) by WackyParts - Thingiverse but im searching more
    documented design…
    Batteries: 13s4p 21700 molicel pack

2)Dual 50mm jets configuration:
Board: same to single jet config
Motor: 2x Surpass hobby 56102 600kv motor or maybe 2x surpass hobby 55113 550kv
ESC: same 2x FOCer esc
Jets: 2x toto44 50mm jet units , i took this from another thread, they seems working…
(STL file Water Jet propulsion unit・3D printable model to download・Cults)
Batteries: 12s6p 21700 molicel pack

I read a lot about the second configuration in a previous thread by Kian, the second config seems working pretty well and since its already tested im more confident about it,
however i also read about single jet configuration and since it may be cheaper i ask if someone have some experience in the topic, have someone build a board with single jet before?
If yes, what are the correct part to use? if not, based on your experience, can my single jet configuration work? Feel free to suggest more appopriate part and thanks in advance for those who will help me.

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The jet works. :wink:
But the 56 innerrunner do not have enough power.

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Thanks i will consider bigger outrunner motor like 63100 from aps… the only problem with those are the low kv rating (140 or 200kv), for example a 63105 v2 (140kv) with a 15s pack and with a nominal voltage of 3.7V per cell (55.5V in total) will produce 7770 rpm… the 63100s (200kv) with a 14s (51.8v nominal) around 10000 rpm… dont know if this rpm will be enough… :face_with_monocle:

Surpass has a 70*** series motor on AliExpress as well you might want to look at

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oh nice info but for me at 230+ euro for just one motor if i want to build a dual setup it may be a little too expensive… :sweat_smile: i was planning this project as a cheap build to just have fun on summer, maybe i should consider a cheaper project (an efoil maybe?) dont know yet, anyway thank you all for the suggestions

You need a water-cooled version of whatever motor you mentioned, 63xxx series are not watercooled.
80100 isn’t watercooled either, what you need is the 83100 version.
I have a commercial Jetboard, its just not worth it man, have you built an e-foil? If not, why do you prefer a jetboard build?

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well… water cooling for me its not a problem… i think i can make a custom water block for the 63xxx but im worried that the motor could not have enough torque. 83100sw seems perfect maybe a little bit pricey (around 400 euros for 2 motors :sweat_smile: )

btw you are right, the more time i spend on the jetboard project the more it seems not worth the money. I have not build an e-foil yet, when i started thinking this project i was thinking that jetboard would be cheaper since i already have the esc and the jet units will be 3d printed but after some digging on the forum i learned that maybe with the same money of a not so great jetsurf i can build a good entry level e-foil… for me the scariest part of an efoil are the motor and the foil, on flipsky the price of a 65161 motor is around 510 euros in total + gong foil the total cost will be around 850 euros… I dont know if i can use cheaper motor like a 65121 (around 250 euros so half the price) this will cut the cost significantly but im afraid that could not have enough torque… i also saw 70160 from aps (around 260 euros) but it is currently out of stock… feel free to suggest cheaper foil/motor :smiley:

You can use a 63100 run wet, search the forum on how to treat it to be water resistant. I think „jetsurf“ and „budget“ are contraditionary.
For the wings you could buy used ones. Cheapest and easiest option for the board is to convert an old windsuf board.

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Wow thanks, i saw another thread about outrunner, if im not wrong someone said that outrunner in e-foil can be inefficient but for the low price i dont mind it at all, since someone already tested i will trust him

There is some flipsky 65161 available in bangood for around 400 euro Flipsky 65161 RC-borstlös motor Försäljning - Banggood Sverige Mobile-arrival notice

Buy gong curve M on Great deals and you have The best foil for that kind of money. 320 euro.

Then a 75200 vesc clone for around 300 euro and a maytech MTSKR2005WF remote for 100euro. use it in a zip bag and it will work many years without problem.

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Great suggestion, now its time to order some part :laughing: