Build a Inflatable Board with slim setup


I want to build a slim setup with an inflatable board, the ESC and battery should be strapped to the board in a waterproof case.
The board does not have to be fast, 25kmh is enough. I weigh just under 80kg, is the 6384 motor enough for this?
Have you built a similar setup?

I’ve seen at least one succesful 6384 build here by one of the skinny guys😀
You’ll find it if you search.

I think it’s probably better to go for the 63100 motor to get some margin to get up foiling and to be able to use more wing alternatives.


6384 is OK for this speed and small drivers :rofl:

Hello nach Kölle,
I weigh 78,5 after Christmas and my wet 4-5 mm néoprène adds 3kg , is that still lightweight in your opinion or allready 63100? I World préfèr the 6384 but I am a bit afraid it des not work( i have a gong alvator xxl and , xl ) TX a lot in advance

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hello, I also have a setup with a 6384 motor, it will definitely work with your frontwings. My weight with neoprene is 75 kg, front wing area 1400 cm ^ 2, board approx. 135x65x14 cm

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Tx a lot. That is a super impressive build you have there!

Here is my build with 6384 motor and electronics in waterproof case strapped onto board.

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