Build from canada

Build number one. 2230 1y motor from nuetronics. 6.7:1 HD gearbox. 150 mm 4 blade cleaver prop. MGM Compro x series ESC. Slingshot 84 infinity wing. Works great well over an hour of ride time. 40 amp hour Lipo battery.
Alex Aguera kite race board.


Nice built , where did you get your propeller if i can ask you ?

is it a phasor gearbox?

It’s from China. Kenzen RC. The propellers work well but I would stay away from their motors. The Kort nozzle is quite well built. The gearbox is from Neumotors. The gearbox comes complete if you order it.

My second build I went with Flying rodeo. I purchased the motor, propeller and mast. I could not be happier with it. If you want to get out and efoil and not endlessly sand a board it is so worth it. David is a quality person with amazing engineering skills.


Which ESC are you using? I am getting the Flying Rodeo motor system too! What voltage is your battery pack?

MGM Compro x series. 250 amps continuous.
The best on the market for reliability. The motor and mast combo with the board is awesome. Mine is completely waterproof. Never had a drop of water in it.

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I’m using 48 volts. Works great.

Do you have a link to the ESC? I saw a few different versions of the ESC so not sure which one you actually got. 48 volts, so I assume 14S? Which part is waterproof? The motor system?

My bad. I bought the board as well. I meant the hatch in the board. It works perfectly with the mast and wire set up. A silicon plug which mates to the board. The motor is waterproof and has crazy torque.

I think it is the 6033-63 X-series ESC. I have used them in both builds with only passive cooling. Heat sinks.

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I can’t seem to find that ESC on MGM’s website (or the internet for that matter). Is it one of their boat ESCs? What does the mast to board setup look like? I wonder if the mast is compatible with my board. It uses a universial mount for foils but not sure FR is using the same bolt pattern.

ESC is actually the TMM 25063-3 x2 series race boat. I have extra capacitor bank and water resistant added to it by MGM.


It works perfectly with Slingshot. You have to talk to David about your particular set up.

Will do. I’ve been asking him a LOT of questions lately! lol

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Have you added a secondary heatsink to the ESC? I can see a aluminium box in the photo with the hatch open.

ESC is in an aluminium project box for additional waterproofing and as a heat sink. The box is silicone heat transfer pasted to the bottom of the hatch. Good to use an overbuilt ESC because it does get warm.


I just asked @Flying_Rodeo about buying a board. What is the dimensions inside for battery pack? I want to start making a new pack now. Can cells stand up or lay sideways?

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Hot tub time machine…
What size batteries are you using and what cases are on the batteries?
Just make sure the ESC is not heating the board through the aluminium box.

2x 30000 6s tattu lipos in series. 48 volts.
The battery cases I found at a good electronic supplier fit perfectly.
The board is the heat sink. I have 10 extra capacitors wired in. This also helps keep the heat down.