Build from England - 80100 windsurf conversion

First flight!

And a not so graceful landing😂

All looking good though. Need to tweak a few settings on the ESC and might try the two blade version of the propeller as the three has sooo much thrust!

I think the low voltage cut off on the ESC is cutting in due to voltage drop under load. It’s currently set to 3.2v per cell, but kicking in when only the top 10% of battery is used


Well done! You have come a long way and will be flying in no time.

Looks good! Did you get the engine misfires completely under control? I have the same problem.

Yes, shifting the timing to 25deg worked for me. I’m going to try printing a 2 blade prop as well tom see if i can reduce the timing a little by having less load on it. The three blade produces a lot of thrust! Stopping the board flying out from under me when starting up can be challenging, but its a good problem to have I guess!
Its been a busy couple of weeks but have some time to work on it this week.

Ok so latest update.

The board works really well, and very happy with the build. Just a few changes / upgrades I’ll put in and update the thread. No major changes though. I’m pretty sure I over did the strength of the board, its rock solid!

The main weak link is my ability at the moment :joy:

I am running the 2 blade propeller now, and its producing more than enough thrust.

I do have one problem which is annoying but easy enough to fix. The Flier 200a 16s Boat esc is not quite up to the task. It can run the board / motor all ok but after 5-10 mins the thermal protection on the esc is kicking in. So I am going to switch it out for the Flier 320a 16s Boat version.
For the time being I will make do with 10 min rides!

Its interesting actually, the better at riding I get the longer I can ride the undersized (200a) esc for, as its so much more efficient to plane / fly rather than push through the water.
Also I think the 2 blade propeller is helping the efficiency too as I’m sure I got longer rides when I changed over from the 3 blade.

If anyone is interested in the 200a esc, maybe for a double motor set up, kids board or a geared setup maybe?, them message me. Its in the UK so can deliver it quickly in the EU. Otherwise it will go on ebay one the new one arrives

Last ride from the weekend (about the 5th 5-10min ride in total). Sorry for the poor video quality. Its filmed on a friends phone then sent through Whatsapp

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Great ! Do you have a pic of your 2 blades propeller ?

Unusually for me, no I don’t. The best I have it the prop on the whole board.

I’ll try take one and upload tomorrow


you power your engine with what capacity battery, thank you

I’ve got 2 6s lipos (2x 20,000mAh) in series (12S)

These ones:

Ok, soI was out again today, and able to foil properly for the first time. It was absolutely amazing, words simply do not even come close!

One hiccup though…
I put the board in shallow water to test before heading out, so the foil was stationary in the sand. It seems the extra force on the prop from the board not being able to move forward was enough to rip both the blades off! This is all I have left.
Fortunately I had a spare 3 blade in the box so a quick change.

Next job is print some temporary props to play with and work on a reinforced version

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I did one with a layer of carbon fiber on top of the print (hand lay up, no vacuum)… held up well in the water… but didn’t survive my mast + motor falling from a table :slight_smile:

With reinforcement, the print acts like a core, the fiber takes all the load…
it reduces flex on the blades but messes a bit the profile of the blades… not sure it’s big deal, that was my most efficient prop to date.

Good to know. My other half works in the NHS and they have a moulds lab that create all sorts or high grade carbon parts. I may see if she can get them to do it for me :smirk:

Did you ever try to two blade Mat? I know from building RC drones and planes the fewer prop blades tend to be better for efficiency. My suffering esc seemed to prefer the 2 blade but I have no logging

not yet, but that’s definitely the next item on my list: try to 3 print a mold to cast a carbon 2 blade prop, may be scaled down depending on @V_S results… :slight_smile:

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I am on vacation atm, no Printer here.
My results so far: 125mm diameter has to much slip,
140mm +10% is really good. Needs a bit more A at start, but has low A and rpm while foiling.
+20% pitch is a bit nasty during foiling, and doesnt really need less A.
140mm original pitch has a lot of thrust, and is OK, when my kids are joining my Ride. (70kg+20kg)

That is the type of analysis we are expecting from the guys who will be testing soon the new @Flying_Rodeo dedicated propellers with Flipsky/Maytech/Reacher 100/120/195kv motors :wink:

New update, installed s 320a flier ESC.

And an upgrade! DIY Waterproof hot swap glands!

So the board is working great, I just need to learn to stand up!

Got a few mods to do but happy so far, great fun over the weekend

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great thread and build! Any updates? What kind of battery life are you getting on this setup? Could you provide links to props you have tried?

Hiya. Thanks, I’m pleased with the results so far. I can’t tell you much in the way of details as is got too cold here to do any further testing unfortunately so I’m on hold until spring.

Its only been using the 3d printed props so far, but they work really well.