Build From Melbourne Australia

With the knowledge I gained from this site I decided to go ahead and build my own Efoil.
Build is still in progress so I will keep updating with more photos, project end date is approx late November hopefully.

The build details are listed below
Shaped EPS approx 160x66cm
8oz volan and carbon reinforced bottom
ply battery and electronics box
3D Printed PLA core wrapped in carbon
self designed T6 aluminium bent fuselage.

Axis 750mm mast with axis baseplate.

Flipsky 65161 mounted to mast with PETG mount
Maytech 200amp vesc
Flipsky Anti-Spark switch
flightboard prop
Custom made 40AH Li-ion with BMS in 3D printed ABS battery box
remote is Maytech V2 waterproof.


That’s an awesome effort so far.
What is your battery setup? How many cells.

I’ve got the Maytech controller, but I didn’t really trust the waterproofing so pulled it apart and filled the circuit boards with epoxy resin. Cheap insurance in my opinion, no one wants trigger failures out at sea!

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Thanks! The battery is 2x 20ah 13s6p.

I have already opened up the remote and filled it with silicone and foam to aid in floatation


Carbon fibre tub and handle hard points being completed along with the final layer of volan on the top deck

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Looks like an awesome build @kevintran . Any more recent updates?

Thanks! I did some water tests and found that the esc was faulty and also had a lot of water ingress into the compartment so I’m currently redesigning the seal, getting watertight latches and a new VESC is on its way


Very cool! Love how you shaped the foil fuselage so you could mount the motor so low.

I’m also in Melbourne and have just started doing all the research with the view of doing a build. Lots to learn!

It has been a very challenging build and I’ve already started designing V2.

Keen to see how your build goes!