Build From New York

Hello everyone, I have been making progress on my build and it is coming along slowly as it is hard finding time to work on it. But I believe I have gotten far enough to post a dedicated topic to the build. Here is how it is looking so far.
Length - 4’8”
Width - 24”
Thickness - 5.5”
Board was shaped from a EPS blank from Greenlight Surf.
Lamination - 2 layers of 6oz glass top and bottom
5.9oz CF on top of the track box and in the electronics box for strength

Gong Curve LT
Mast 6
2x 7s8p Molicel P42a packs
Malectrics spot welder
ICharger x8 balance charger

Flipsky 65161
Mount will be printed in PETG ensuring layer lines are parallel to the mast with 0% infill and filling it with epoxy and fiberglass chop

Flipsky 75/300


Board is a bit rough but I think for being still in high school and having it be my first time ever shaping a board it’s not too bad.


Any questions or comments are welcome, I will be posting more pictures and updates on the coming days!


Looking good man. What prop are you going for?

Probably going to use a flite board prop drilled out.

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Hello Everyone! I have made some progress on my board and am getting very close to glassing. I plan to use threaded inserts to secure the lid, should I install the inserts before or after glassing? Also should I drill holes and fill them epoxy to make a plug that the insert goes in instead of the foam? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Do you have any updates?