Build your foil, which one?

Good morning,
I would like to build my foil and my board entirely.
For the foil I found this one: Kitefoil by Ruegen_Architektur - Thingiverse

Has anyone here built this before? In your opinion is it good?
Otherwise do you have stls of other foils that work well?

My other question:
Is there a difference between a foil intended for a sail and a foil intended for an engine? I’m talking about the design.

Thank you so much

This is a kitefoil with a rather small front wing. A 75-80kg efoil/wingfoil beginner starts with 1400 to 1900 cm2 front wing.

if I take this:

I can increase the rope by 25% for example, but I can’t reach 1400cm2. can i increase the size as well?
OR else would someone have a stl of a 1400cm2 wing?
And the rear wing should be how many cm2?



i have many 3d stl foils .

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