Building an Electric Hydrofoil for YouTube

Hey! Maybe I am just slow but the forum feels quite unorganized. Are someone able to link me a thread or directly link to plans for a 3D printed hydrofoil wing + motor mount + mast?

I will be using a common motor for which I have seen clamp mounts, but not completed with a wing and mast. Thanks for your help guys!


Hey welcome I am here since last year because of you!!! I told you that I wanted to bluid an ESUP after seen your video…it is done…
I can not really help you… But I am happy to see you there

There’s a guy selling plans for 50 bucks. Its the closest you"ll get.

Hey Simon!
If you want to do a completely 3D printed setup you will have to fiberglass most of the components to strengthen them. There are not to many ready to print .stl flies out there of wings and such (as you have discovered). So you could either use fusion 360 to model up a foil set up, or you could use it’s a 3D modeling software made specifically for making hydrofoils (just the wings though). Another option is to buy a clear water hydrofoil setup it will come with a aluminum mast and wood or foam wings, (I think), it’s still DIY but not 3D printed. Me personally I would 3D print the wings and try to make them fit to a prebuilt aluminum mast and fuselage. There are some builds where people have 3D printed their mast but it has some sort of aluminum extrusion or support in it.

Sorry, that’s a lot of info and perspectives. So, if you have questions or comments please feel free to ask, that’s what this forms for!!

Also here is build that might be helpful.

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