Building Hybrid scuba scooter device

Hi guys! I am trying to build a device to tow myself underwater, similar to a scuba scooter device.

Very simply, I want one powerful motor, the controller and battery pack to run it. I would not need the foil, because it will be hand-held. I would need the propellor, however… Are there motor/propeller setups prebuilt?

thanks for any links and help!

Have heard horror stories from commercially available scuba scooter device setups where people get the bends from going up and down irresponsibly. Be careful.

And to answer your question, I think the RPM speeds of what you want vs what efoils do are too different. I doubt very many posts here will help you.

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Hi - thanks for the warning. I am very aware of scuba risks.

This post has helped already since I have knowledge = 0 at this point. To push a person underwater, would I want higher or lower rpms?

U need to calculate or rougly decide how much thrust u want/need. Then u have to start working on thruster build. Here u have already a lot of thrusters giving 20-30 kg of thrust. If u need more, u have to experiment more, if its enough, a lot of “plug n play” info here.