Building my own efoil

im building my own efoil and i’m choosing my motor.
In every video i see that they use a SSS motor from 360KV would a SSS motor from 800KV have enough torque?

You’ll need to use a reducer. For simpler setup and build look at a direct drive flipsky/maytech/one hundred other Chinese company 100-120kv motors.

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Hey Thomas, it shows you’ve only been reading on this website for 11 minutes. Most choose to start their project after many hours of reading. The SSS motor is what we all used in 2017. How there are better options liked sealed inrunners. Do some more research! I would suggest either a Flying Rodeo motor or a Flipsky/Maytech 100/120KV motor.

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Anyone has an idea what naca profiles are the the best to use ?
I got a flisky 120kv motor.

Aquila 9.3% smoothed very tolerant plus has a flat intrados so easy to make or mould AQUILA 9.3% smoothed (aquilasm-il)

S2055 8% thickn/chord : S2055 (s2055-il)

NACA 2408 or 2410: NACA 2408 (naca2408-il)

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Thanks alot!
Do you know how big the wings need to be ?

It depends on how fast you want to fly, optimal cruise speed minimum speed and maximum speed. Everthing from 800 to 1600cm2 works. RL has two optimised wings for efoils, the 2018 model has 1200cm2 the 2020 model has 1600cm2. I own the 2018 model, wingspan is arount 80cm, takeoff speed around 15km/h, optimum cruise speed around 25-30km/h, max around 40km/h. There are other factors like the profile, wingspan, aspect ratio, this is just to get an idea.


Home made vs Gong rise M…

Hey @Toto44, how is it with this very nice printed wing project ? Have you done any tests ? Looks promising and cost effective ! The usual list of questions: 1 - airfoil section ? 2- Angle of attack wt to fuselage ?
3 - fabrics layer strategy ? 4- Final cost ?

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