BusBar for 18650 pack

What busbars are guys using for their packs? I’m on the hunt for something simple and effective!


Here is what I have done for the busbar:

This is a pretty solid bar and should hold some serious power!
The bolted terminal will allow me to either solder some 8AWG wire onto it, or clamp it there. Either way I am happy and it should perform well!


this is what i am planning to do on my built:

i will use H strip for the built, on the + and the - , i will cut in haft the H nickel strip, bend the middle part at 90°
use a 10 or 8 awg wire, take off the silicone on 8mm at each cell or less
put the half of the H nickel strip through the wire and solder

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We drilled holes, placed wires inside and crushed a copper tube with a bench top press. It has been working great so far. Cheap and low profile as well.

Holes in each end gives perfect attachment for eye terminals.

Note: ideally, in this configuration + and - should be drained diagonally with the same length on wires from battery to ESC, to make absolute sure it’s evenly loaded. We did however not make it this way (we got +/- on the short side of the battery rectangle, for convenience) .


I actually tried this before posting. The problem is that the silicone wire absorbs a huge amount of solder and doesn’t stay straight. So I abandoned it.

I did look at this method but decided not to based on I didn’t have anything to crush the pipe with in a uniform manner.
My battery also wont have completely even length + and - because of the way I have had to configure it. But it shouldnt be an issue.

I have ordered 15mm x 3.15mm C101 copper flat bar for the busbar. It should handle up to 300A with a small rise in temp.

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