[CA Bay Area] WTS 150 pcs new Tesla 2170 cells


So here’s the story. I am building an eFoil, but I am also moving to Finland. I figured I would buy some awesome Tesla cells while I am still here, and save some money by bringing them to Finland with the rest of my moving stuff. Turns out nobody wants to accept these, and even if I would be an authorized shipper, it would cost me a lot to ship these.

So here we go. 150 PCS of Tesla 2170 cells for sale. I would prefer pickup in CA Bay Area. Taking offers.

@3rd_ave_Lien maybe? :slight_smile:

Have you thought about shipping 15 to 20 cell packs to stay under the radar ?

I suppose I should still declare the contents, and I am not too comfortable with shipping lithium cells without doing that…

Wanna buy the cells? :wink:

I’m too far from California :slight_smile: :wink:

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Interested. PM me the price.