Caeses slow prop for 80100 and high drag board

Thought i’d do a separate topic for this one: Prop defined to be slow to match heavy weight rider with large wing and high drag.

Generated automatically by Caeses B-series propeller generator with inputs:
Dia. 150mm
13.5 knots speed
3 blade, 15 deg rake
Axle dia 12mm
Hole pattern to match c80100 motor

I got it 3d-printed by a professional printer in carbon reinforced filament, result is really cleanimage image

Blades are super thin (probably too weak or flexible) but i got both the test print and the final print so i’ll do a carbon overlay on the test and try the other as it is.


Overlaying & vacuuming 2 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber on each side of the test prop

Let’s hope it’s worth the effort :smiley:


Unbagged prop with a slight sanding. I will coat some layers of epoxy to finish the surface
The carbon test prop is now about ten times stiffer than the original 3D-print and overlay was succesful, surface will be clean :smiley:


I tried this prop yesterday and it performs really well. No measurements are available, but it’s a lot better than the three blade i’ve used until now. :grinning:

Coupled with the 80100 motor, 130kV at 10S voltage - it’s not fast but i can push 130kg straight out of the water at almost zero speed with just motor thrust (gong xxl wing)

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