Calculated Lifting Force

Has anyone done the calculations to determine how much some of the more popular E-Foils here can lift? I’m considering a side project, but it’ll need to carry a decent amount to be feasible.

I don’t know if anyone has, but here is a starting point. If you can find out CL, that would probably help out a few people here. Especially over the next few years.

It’s hard to calculate because there are a lot of variables that you don’t necessarily know. It depends on the drag, velocity, surface area of the foil, angle of attack of the foil and the thrust that the motor has at whatever speed you are at.

Right, that’s why I was thinking of the more popular foils with semi common setups. I feel like if we even had a single number it would be much easier to guesstimate. I will try to run the numbers once I get all my parts assembled and mashed together, but my build is only temporary and mostly 3D printed, so my numbers will likely not be very common. I was thinking if someone could run the numbers for someone like PacificMeister, who uses a seemingly common foil and has made his design readily available.