Can I use a 36V hoverboard battery for testing?

Hello all!

I have received my vesc and motor, but can’t build my battery just yet.
Is it ok to use a 4.4 Ah 36V hoverboard battery to set up and test?
Of course I will reset to the normal battery values afterwards.


You can use it for some bench testing, but there is a very high chance of damaging it if you are actually trying to foil with it. It most likely won’t have enough discharge rate for that anyway.

Your battery is likely 10S1P if it’s from 21700 cells, or 10S2P if its from 18650 cells. That’s only 10-20 cells, where most (all?) of our eFoil batteries have easily over 100 cells sharing the load.

Thanks @jkoljo.
Of course I am talking only about bench testing. I haven’t used vesc before and I am curious to see how it works. I am building a 12s12p but don’t have all the materials yet.

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