Can I use Mantafoil Remote with any VESC for efoil/jetboard build?

I really like the mantafoil remote, big color screen with many feature. They sell the receiver and remote. I wonder if i could just use it with any vesc for efoil/jetboard build? Appreciate your input and maybe suggestion for similar remote?


It needs a vesc.

there is no sense to use pwm as you won’t get any telemetry data and then the remote would be overkill.


Mantas new remote is even better!

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I’m not sure about the detail. Can I just use it with any VESC (like the one from flipsky or maytech) ? That’s my only question. thank you

Yes i just saw the new remote with even bigger screen. can I use it with any VESC from flipsky or maytech? thanks

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To be honest, after a while you don’t look at the display any more.


What connections does the receiver got?
Here is the link to the remote, mantafoil says it is usable for vesc.

The remote comes with receiver whatever connection it has im not sure.

I agree. I dont look at the remote but would like to check time and log and what not lol. Always good to have good looking remote as well.

I bought one last year - 5V-TX-RX-GND


So it works with all vesc just 4 wires and all good? 14s? Can you share some pictures of your setup?

Exactly. Vcc, gnd, tx and rx

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Yes works with any voltage main battery as the 5v power to the receiver comes from the VESC.

I’m not using the receiver any more as I built my own receiver board from scratch with a GPS and steering etc for the Boogie.