Can I use my ebike battery? 52V 20Ah

I weigh 100kg but am hoping to use this project to inspire some weight loss, hoping for 90kg but lets stick with 100 for now.

I’m thinking Flipsky 75200 VESC

Flipsky 65161 120KV Motor

Planning to use a Fliteboard prop (they are actually 30 minutes up the road funnily enough, I applied for a job there once… didn’t get it).

So I have this battery that I use on my ebike and an electric dirtbike I converted for my kid:

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  • Nominal Voltage 52V
  • Rated Capacity 20Ah
  • Watt Hours 1040Wh
  • Apply for: 48V/52V 350W-1500W Motor
  • Battery Cell Top A-grade 2500mah
  • Configuration 14S8P (112 cells)
  • Max Continuous Charge Current 3A
  • Max Constant Discharge Current 40A
  • Peak Discharge Current 120A
  • Charge Cut-off Voltage 58.8V
  • Battery Dimensions 3642326434385mm
  • Battery Weight 6.7kg ( 14.77lbs)
  • WIth Charger 58.8V 3A (AU Plug)
  • Charge Temperature 0~45°C
  • Discharge Temperature -20~65°C
  • Battery Resistance ≤ 100mΩ
  • Way of Charge CC/CV(Constant Current;Constant Voltage)
  • Cycle Life ≥80% after 1000 Cycles

Now would I be able to program the ESC to 120A burst and 40A constant current and if I limited it to those numbers would there be enough power to get my 100kg up out of the water with that motor and prop?

Has anyone got experience upgrading the BMS on that battery to deliver more current? I haven’t taken it apart to see what cells it has, but they wouldn’t be anything top tier.

If I bought another and ran it in parallel, would that be too heavy? I wouldn’t mind a second one for use on other projects and vehicles anyway.

Cheers for having a look and thanks for the help I have already gained from reading this forum.

Sure, it will work. No need to upgrade the bms if the specs are correct either.

The only thing that looks off in the battery spec is the resistance, 100mohm is huge and at a running current of 30A it’s a 90W heater in your box. there might need to be some added cooling on the battery. You can just try it and add if needed.

David aka @Flying_Rodeo has stolen the battery from his wife’s electric bike for his below the board efoil/assist. Not only does he not seem to mind, but it is so promising he’s thinking of launching a 'Click’n Go" series of 100 :joy: :joy:



I must tell you , YOU HAVE RIGHT :heart::heart:

My inspiration was electric bike systems .


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