Can not design prop?

you need to change from air to water properties in the Options tab:

Yes i did but still not work

untick the “Shrouded rotor” box and you’ll be ok.

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hey matt, to create an impeller, ducted prop do you untick shroud? whats the continued process from where you have left off explaining haha??

sorry i am struggling to work it out as well


I’m by no mean a pro of java prop, i just played a bit with it… but i’m now sticking to a commercial prop slightly modified for initial tests.
Based on what i saw in the javaprop manual, i wouldn’t try to include the duct at that stage and i’m not convinced it would completely be taken into account in the calculation… just design a regular prop, may be with square tip, and add your duct after.

If someone else knows better, please prove me wrong …



Javaprop offer a good starting point, but then you need do deeply modify the blade exported in a 3d cad.

I swear this site and you guys are making me smarter.

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