Can the maytech remote control a servo for throttle on a gas engine?

Hi guys.

I know there is a wealth of knowledge on this site, with guys designing and building remotes and electronics. This stuff is all above my head.

I am currently playing with a project that has a gas motor with a carburetor and I want to remote control the throttle.

I have several maytech remotes and they are modified and fairly reliable for use with my efoil boards.

My question is, does anyone know a way to hook a servo to the maytech receiver to control the carburetor throttle?


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Yes it can. 20 char…

I got a servo coming in the mail. Gonna do some testing. You’ve done this? Do I just hook the throttle signal PPM wires to the servo?

Thx :call_me_hand:

Just hook it up to the ppm output on the esc making sure you ground, positive, and signal are in the correct order. Works great

Are there ppm servos? Afaik standard servos are pwm.

I would be concerned about a failsafe. I’m not sure if this receiver has a failsafe feature so consider installing a throttle return spring.

Both use ppm signal …

Yes there is a failsafe on the receiver if it loses signal.

The maytech receiver pushes out pwm so will work with a standard servo motor.

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Its super easy to make engine cutoff on a combustion engine using a lanyard kill switch, but sure its good to to have the failsafe on the receiver also. I would probably use a mechanical throttle like most of the jet surfboards though.