Can We Have a Reverse Engineering Foil Database Thread?

Well, to anywone reading i want to hear your aswers!

What do you mean exactly ? A database of front and rear wings in STL format ?

Hi, SoEFoil:
thats an example, stls could be the most versatile format to share, if only scanned data is available.
Could it be another format if someone re-draw into surfaces, to easier modifying to feed a CFD or a 3D printer.
Not only for wing and tail, but fuselage and mast position, to obtain also distances and angles.
And all the information at hand that the poster could consider relevant.
Thanks for the reply SoEFoil!

I would love to see a database of foil STL’s with their defining characteristics - lift, weight range, responsiveness, however these things are defined and characterized.

what do you mean with this?

Thanks for the reply.

something like this:

but I also want to know weight range and stability (which is probably just the opposite of reactiveness) and any other factor that I don’t yet understand because I’m not really well versed in fluid dynamics :slight_smile: