Can you confirm the mast placement?

I plan on cutting the blank this week, but I am not sure if the mast is at a reasonable position. The board is 155cm long and the wing is a Cabrinha Double Agent 2016. It looks further forward on their pictures, but since the propulsion on an efoil is closer to the wing, it should be further back. There are two more positions possible.

Hi Max,

I don’t really have an answer to your enquiry, but your board design looks nice! I am at exactly the same stage with my project as you are.

Are you planing to hand shape or cnc mill the blank? If milling do you roughly know how much the cnc milling costs are for a board this size?

best, Phil

Hey. I have my own CNC, so it costs me just the cutters. They are expensive since they are very long. Ill probably cut for 8 hours which is excluding the setup and all that. Hamdshaping is the way to go otherwise and not difficult.

The position of your lifting foil is what is important and the centre of lift of that being roughly in the same point as your combined centre of gravity of you and your board and components. If you install with 90mm parallel surf board fin rails you will have a little wiggle room fore and aft , but you can move your feet too of course so long as you are with in the scope of the board and the deck grip . i dont know where you intend to place your batteries or we could talk rough measurements. Typically you want your mast about 300mm from the rear of the board because your main lifting wing is further forward still and you want a foot stance of 500-600 mm apart , it is typical to place your rear foot directly above the mast, some pros are a tad further aft, and front foot 500-600 mm further forward, this is because the lift centre is aprox 200-300mm forward of the mast and your feet are balanced either side, plus the leverage of the rear foil putting a bit of extra weight on your front foot so you need to be biased slightly front footed and leaning forwards. i see everyone who learns with rear foot too far forward and leaning their body backward to compensate, this is plain wrong , also learners sensibly go too slow, however this makes it very hard to ride the foil , best ride is where the rear of the board is parallel to the water , not pointing upwards and stalling the wing against the thrust making it all unstable.

ooh i should point out the rear of your mast roughly 300mm from the back of the board not the centre , and make sure the mast is on a part of the board with NO rocker or the board will ride very strangely

Hi, Are you doing female plugs or you are rotating the board for the top & bottom? If you are rotating, how are you positioning the board not to lose the positioning?
Here is my unfinished board in fusion, (I am having a hard time to design the rail profiles…)

I cut the board in three layers. Each layer gets cut from only one side and the. They are glued together.

Tks Clarin for the usefull link… I am at the begining of the project …