Can you recommend an ESC?

I just ordered this motor. Lets see how it performs. I am looking for a suitable ESC. Preferably quickly available in Germany.

It needs to have a flat cooling body, or one that I can machine flat. It will be attached directly to a waterproof aluminum housing. My battery has 12s and I am aiming for 200A.

In the specs of your motor link it says: max volt : 10S 42V, so 12S might be to high for this motor.

I am sure it can also take a little higher voltage, look at these low Kv. 200A will make the overload, you need to limit this current to the specified 80A, maybe also lower. Maybe a high quality VESC from Trampa will do.

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Yes I will limit the current, but I would like the option to choose a bigger motor in the future and also want some reserves.

I already have the batteries, so 12s is given. If it melts, I get a different motor.

Keep it up for some hours. The Vesc reads in the motor temperature, so place a sensor to reduce current in time.

How about this one? Either I can machine the housing flat, or make a new housing that will bolt against the waterproof aluminium box. I hope at least.

The alien ESCs are all 5mm to long.
It needs to be less than 140mm long.

The VESC6 are good, but 350€ and not available from Germany.

There is also the Dlux 250A one, which looks diffuclt to attach a cooling body too. Here it is burning. The same thing happened to me once while I was riding an eskate.

And there is this Alien which could be easy to add a custom cooling body to. But I dont trust the rating.

Is it really waterproof??? That’s would be impressive but I see holes…

Can this ESC meet your requirements?

I bought this one:

But it is still untested.

I personally wouldn’t go under 120A constant current ESC. There is a robot group that have designed a 200A VESC but it is very expensive…
Maytech have also just released 100A VESC which could be an option.

with datalogging 3/s with my 125A motor i ve got pics at 180A… i guess you have to choose large or start very slowly

Hi, @superlefax
How about this esc?I look forward to your test results .It really can get the 320A?

Hi Benson,

I had my first test with the Flier ESC on water this day and I really can recommend it. You can limit the max. “forward power” on this one. For me 75% was more than enough. It really helped to have a finer throttle handling.
You also can adjust the throttle curve.

I burned two seakings with my setup. This day was the first try without any smoke!!! Temperature went to 60 degree at 110amps, 12S, 22km|h without foiling.


I’m wondering what you guys using for pumps and what flow rates you can achieve with it to cool down the ESC.

I’m using a 12V 6W self priming pump.

With the tube trough the mast I get a maximum of 2l/min. Which is I think nothing to cool down a 100A, 12S ESC.

My pump is only 12V 5W and I did not notice any temperature increase while pulling about 80A from my custom watercooled Vesc. I assume about 100W of losses.
Your post got me interested in how much flow is actually necessary. In summary, 2L/min is still way overkill.
In my spreadsheet here
it looks like even if you assume 30°C inlet temperature and only allow for 10°C temperature rise you can still dispose of about 1,4 kilowatts of heat. I hope I did not miss any conversion error, otherwise please notify me.
The only problem remaining is if the cooling solution in your ESC is able to transfer the heat to the water. If the water only flows through the ESC without any connection to the hot parts it won’t help :slight_smile:


I use a pump like this but my Amps count stay below 80, water flows slightly warmer than sea, you can feel it on your hand. Don’t have temp control, so I don’t know. The Esc is a Flier 200 16s.

The temperature goes up to 70 degrees @ 100A continuous drawing. It takes about 5 minutes to let it cool down to 40 degrees with my pump. Any ideas what max. temperature the flier can handle?

What are the specs for your build? Your setup seems to be running way hotter than most…

heifi esc boat cut at 125°C for exemple, since you have a Flir , i would look for hot spot on the esc, mesured water temp in and out, i think you can get better cooling plate mounted on the esc, but you need to open it, some having not cooling everywhere as it should, there is some many flier it is hard to find pics of the inside…

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