Candidates for a jetboard motor and esc?

Hello there, I’m quite new to this forum, I only did reading until now. I apologize in advance if I get some terminology wrong. And sorry for my english, not my native language :sweat_smile:.

So here I go: I want to start a jetboard project and I was wondering what kind of motor I should get, I’m thinking of finding myself a 12s pack to power everything, but since I’m on a budget of about 1500 cad. I thought maybe some of you guys know from some nice motors and escs that aren’t too pricey. I found this awesome motor it’s small but seems to pack a big punch ! Scorpions motors seems to be more pricey than other motors but the specs seems also better so not sure what to think about their specs are they thrust worthy ?

I’ll probably use a 54mm or 63mm propeller system as it seems it’s easy to find cads to 3d print those jet systems.

For esc I was thinking of getting a 250 amp or 300amp one… I have no idea which brand.

On the other hand I found this bundle Group D10 Electric Skateboard Kit (Includes Dual FSESC6.7 MINI and BLD – FLIPSKY

but the kv rating seems too low for a jet propulsion system.

It seems to me that a two jet system is probably easier to source and maybe even cheaper than a single jet.

Would I need a gimbal to steer the jetboard (like a jetski) or just inclining the board would be sufficient?

How much watt my system should have to be fun ?
(I’m 180lbs).

I’m doing my own board too out of eps foam and epoxy+fiberglass, it’s quite ugly and probably way too flat to make it efficient but it’s a fun project to try. (I’ll try to upload some photos later)
I started the board last summer but my studies (and the other 100s of other projects I started for fun…) took a little bit too much time for me to finish it.

My skills:
I’m good with my hands, I have a 3d printer that sometimes work well, I know how to solder, do electrical wirings and stuff. But I don’t want to make my own battery pack, I’ll probably put it on fire (I am really clumsy). so for now I have a small 8s 6amp 70C lipo pack (2x 4s 6000mah serc lipo cell). (so probably less than 5 minutes of autonomy for now ? :rofl:)

I was thinking about buying a tattu 12s pack or two but just that would make me over budget…

In hope that some of you will get interested in helping out a newbie :smiling_face:.

Oh quick question: Are e-foil really more expensive than jetboard or is it a preconceived ideas that I have?

Thanks in advance !!

This video might be helpful:

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Oh I never seen this one ! Thanks it’s exactly the kind of information I needed !

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