Can't decide what more or battery I should choose!

I’ve been trying to decide on parts for my efoils build. Trying to make it somewhat of a foil assist setup where It can be mounted on any board but want it to be able to flat water foil for fun if I decide to do so. Also trying to keep it on the cheap. I was going to go with a 6384 120Kv motor but wasnt sure it could give me what I need being 210 pounds. I found this kit here that seems like it could deliver the power I need as well as being one of the cheapest ones I found. Link below. What do you think and as well what kind of battery would you run on this setup specifically for more of the flat water foiling.

I used this kit and am quite pleased with it after my first season.
I chose the 120v round shaft with thread (new) motor, the 75200 vesc and the VX3 remote.
This shaft on the motor let me use any number of third party props (I chose Fliteboard) as the one Flipsky provides is too big and needs to be cut down so save a few $ and don’t bother to get it. Lots of info about this on the forum.

I think most people use a 12S pack of good Liion cells with enough P to provide the run time/weight ratio you want.

I would recommend you do lots of reading here before you lay out any $ to proceed. Have a realistic plan with all of the pieces required sorted out. Lots of successful builds here to model yours on - no need to reinvent the wheel😀

Your body size is a factor but both Fliteboard and Lift offer products that have you covered so no need to think that this isn’t possible. The foil setup and board are big factors in being able to get up on foil easily and have fun.



Awesome. Thanks for the info

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