Can't seem to get my hatch waterproof

I’ve tried a few different seals and can’t seem to get it fully waterproof
I have been testing it upside down with about 50kh onto to weigh it down for 2 hours with the latest seal (two d seals) t’s down to a small puddle but I feel like I’m missing something

I’m going to continue by adding a third d seal and doubling up the corners then if that doesn’t work i will try to add four more bolts to the corners

I’m sure it’s not leaking from anywhere else so it must be the hatch

Best way to test would be to take the foil and mast off and tape up those holes so you can be sure its not gettin in there. As for the seal it needs to be relatively level to be effective, it has a minimum and max crush distance, Ie when you bolt the lid on dont tighten it so much that the seal is cruched badly out of shape, Maybe have a small spacer next to each bolt so you know when to stop tightening. Have you tried using a bit of silicone grease on the seal should help alot. For the spacer if you have access to a 3d printer you could print a spacer the same shape as the hole a few mm smaller than the height of seal and place it on the outside of the d seal to prevent over tightening.