Capacitors 75200

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the internal wiring of an ESC, for example the 75200 from FLIPSKY.

A few days ago a little water entered the compartment where I have it and at the first spark I stopped and got out of the water paddling in the traditional way.

With luck it could only be one of the capacitors that is damaged.

I will try to replace the 6 condensers, the cost is relatively low. I don’t lose anything by trying. But I have a question. How are the group of capacitors connected to the ESC? The group is in parallel to the battery input?

the red line joins the same point of the circuit?


Yes, capacitors are in parallell with the battery leads. Can’t see if the red line is correct on picture but connect them as they were, can’t go wrong.

I doubt a capacitor died from water damage so i would look elsewhere for issues.

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