Carbon fiber prop shaft


Has anyone tired using a 10mm carbon fiber rod as propshaft? Would the lip-seal eat into it?

It will you need metal

Hi, please explain more.

The surface is not hard enough. It will work for a while.

Thank you for clarifying.

Carbon is not always good for everything! there are lots of times we’re metal is better especially with fatigue. Carbons best when used in tension, generally with carbon rods the Fibres run down the length this is fine with a pulling or bending force but the main force on a shaft is torsion around the Center axis and the strength would almost purely be on the resin in the carbon rather than the fibers them self. You would be better off looking at titanium if you wanted to reduce the weight.

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Thank you, makes perfect sense.

It is not always nice to have everything light , rotating parts espacially , propellers shaft and propeller itself, lighter will increase the speed in the change of rpm , nice but not smooth , just like a light weight clutch and clutch plate in a race car

Less control during rpm change so less time to level the board, vs efficiency I don’t but it will be less pleasant