Carbon fibre efoil

Carbon efoil build. This is my second build the first one used a modified SUP board so decided to build my own board. Just finished all of the construction now onto the electronics.


Very nice looking build!

Nice with carbon! How is your mast/board assembly detail?

Very professional looking build. How many layers of cf, and type did you use? Stringers or hd foam? How many reinforcement layers for foil mount box and standing area/ lid? Many thanks!

Can you tell us more about the connectors you used, the big one with the bullets inside?

Hi there I used aluminium bar 40 x 10 that was drilled to refuse weight. The 2 alloy rails run from the mast (they were drilled and tapped to take the foil) to about 3/4 the way of the board.

It was 3 layers top and bottom of 200g carbon. It was vaccum bagged to keep the weight down and strength up.

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Nice build.

We build a (jet) board from carbon too.
Looks nice, but when it’s a sunny day, the board (deck) gets really hot!
Almost to hot to touch!
We now have covered it with EVA mats :-/

I made the connectors myself. They are made from nylon machined to take the connectors pictured below. The have oring grooves so are IP68 waterproof.

Mine has ev mats as well this photo was taken before they were fitted.