Carbon wings optimized profile for e-foils now available

After massive requests we decided to open our long research in hydrodynamics to the public and all DIY builders.
The wing profile is optimized for efoil needs so as to start elevating at 15km/h with 100kg and still riding up to speeds up to 45km/h.
With this e-foil wing we fly with about 700-1000W at 100kg with135mm Prop diameter… just to give you a clue how efficient these wings are! Allthough easy handling and great stability was our key goal!
Usually the often used kitefoil wings stall at about 6° angle of attack… This wing stays stable and controllable up to more than 10°. Just to give you a clue …
You can use your own fuselage as well as the wings have a o°-leveled attachement with 3 screws so basicaly you can mount it on any fuselage with flat spot!
Size is : 800x170mm

You can order those optimized foil wings for e-foils now for 229€ in full carbon directly from the manufacturer. Just order it by e-mail and state elevate e-foil wing at

Needs about 7days for shipping :wink:


I get a faulty e-mail adress when i try to send a message?

email should work…

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Received the wings today, wonderful quality!

Yes they do perfect work with carbonfibre :wink:

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Sold as shown…with no mast right?

Yes, but I think if you need a mast, they have some aloy masts as well…

Do you know the screws spacing to assess compatibility? for wing/fuselage and fuselage/mast?

I emailed this guy, the wings are available now, but he said he wouldn’t have a mast available for another 2 months. But IIRC the price is ~competitive with the Chinese offerings so I’ll likely go with it when I can get the mast as well.

Since 2017, a few manufacturers have moved to the same standard: 3 screws spaced by 4cm : RRD, Takuma, Naish, Gong (55USD for 65cm mast), Airush … The mast is held by 3 screws diam 6mm, the fuselage is held by 2 x 6mm screws (could be 3). This profile is not symmetrical as profile max thickness is located at 40-45% from and closer to leading edge.
Seems that Chinese factories are offering these masts for a good price.

Other airfoil section has concave trailing edge, based on the Eppler 837 used by Manta, Zeeko, RL… ensuring a very low swirl.

Hi is any one using this wing
and do you have a review

ie. quality
take of speed
max speed
and any other details

thanks Nick What is the profile thickness at half wingspan (Max thickness) ?

Hi. Im also very much interested if anyone has bought and tried this foil for their efoil build?


I`ve used a Slinghot foil before and now using this carbonfibre wing. I´m still stoked of the quality. And it runs much smoother than the Slingshot frontwing. I estimate about 10% less power usage now…I do however use a moses backwing 483… and it works perfect together allthough mixed setup :sweat_smile:

Hi. Thank you so much for replying with your experince with the carbon foil. Which Slingshot foil did you use, before this, if I may ask?

It was the slingshot hover.

Any news here ? I wonder how this wing is in real life. Since we get thrust from the motor prop near the wing, that is different when standing on the board with a kite. And that is where kite hydrofoils were designed for. So I can see that a new kind of design can be more efficiënt. Still for sale?

Still for sale

My one is on its way

Tested another chinese wing. But this elevate efoil wing from is much more efficient and I feel that you can ride it with much higher pitch in slow speed before it stalls, compared to others.
Found out that cabratec is using this wing on their efoils too :wink:
I just love to ride it a bit less stabel so I changed the angle of attack of the stabilizer wing by -1°. Runs perfect for lightweight riders like me;-)

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I have those wings at home. They look really high quality. I will pair them with FR motor system. I will test them in few feeks I hope and will write here how do they ride.