Carbon wings optimized profile for e-foils now available

Yes they do perfect work with carbonfibre :wink:

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Sold as shown…with no mast right?

Yes, but I think if you need a mast, they have some aloy masts as well…

Do you know the screws spacing to assess compatibility? for wing/fuselage and fuselage/mast?

I emailed this guy, the wings are available now, but he said he wouldn’t have a mast available for another 2 months. But IIRC the price is ~competitive with the Chinese offerings so I’ll likely go with it when I can get the mast as well.

Since 2017, a few manufacturers have moved to the same standard: 3 screws spaced by 4cm : RRD, Takuma, Naish, Gong (55USD for 65cm mast), Airush … The mast is held by 3 screws diam 6mm, the fuselage is held by 2 x 6mm screws (could be 3). This profile is not symmetrical as profile max thickness is located at 40-45% from and closer to leading edge.
Seems that Chinese factories are offering these masts for a good price.

Other airfoil section has concave trailing edge, based on the Eppler 837 used by Manta, Zeeko, RL… ensuring a very low swirl.

Hi is any one using this wing
and do you have a review

ie. quality
take of speed
max speed
and any other details

thanks Nick What is the profile thickness at half wingspan (Max thickness) ?

Hi. Im also very much interested if anyone has bought and tried this foil for their efoil build?


I`ve used a Slinghot foil before and now using this carbonfibre wing. I´m still stoked of the quality. And it runs much smoother than the Slingshot frontwing. I estimate about 10% less power usage now…I do however use a moses backwing 483… and it works perfect together allthough mixed setup :sweat_smile:

Hi. Thank you so much for replying with your experince with the carbon foil. Which Slingshot foil did you use, before this, if I may ask?

It was the slingshot hover.

Any news here ? I wonder how this wing is in real life. Since we get thrust from the motor prop near the wing, that is different when standing on the board with a kite. And that is where kite hydrofoils were designed for. So I can see that a new kind of design can be more efficiënt. Still for sale?

Still for sale

My one is on its way

Tested another chinese wing. But this elevate efoil wing from is much more efficient and I feel that you can ride it with much higher pitch in slow speed before it stalls, compared to others.
Found out that cabratec is using this wing on their efoils too :wink:
I just love to ride it a bit less stabel so I changed the angle of attack of the stabilizer wing by -1°. Runs perfect for lightweight riders like me;-)

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I have those wings at home. They look really high quality. I will pair them with FR motor system. I will test them in few feeks I hope and will write here how do they ride.


i did the exact opposite, i had to tilte the back wing up to have the stability i was searching for.

The efficiency is awesome (im 68kg), zero noise.

For me the drawback is the width when you have to carry it.

Yes those efoil wings from work fine, are great quality at a good price…

Just want to inform that we are developing another efoil2.0 wing at the moment. With this wing we are foiling at about 7-800W which was our goal to achieve… but this wing will not be available for builder till October…
But it gives us the possibility to bring back another power system. 3 years ago we started with the jet impellers. And additionally to our elevate add on System we are working on an “all-in-one jet system”. we are confident to have it ready this autumn and foiling should get possible with it at about 1500-1700Watt!

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Does it mean a larger wing at reduced speed ? I don’t mind a reduced speed as I am looking for a longer autonomy in order not to recharge too often :wink: Can you announce more than 1h30 battery life with this front wing ?
Have you tested the tandem set-up, that are two wings with positive lift (could be two identical 600cm2 = 1200cm2 front wings) to experience a different stability but with far less drag ?

If that was data with above wing, that would mean an important loss of efficiency.
AIO closer in size to the Scubajet or to the @Frage big cigar ?

Yes the new wing has a span of about 80cm. …And yes optimum speed for this wing is about 20km/h , you can go 30 but then it looses it`s efficiency… But this wing is a milestone in terms of efficiency for all efoils and for wingfoils as well:wink:
Impeller will always be less efficient than prop but as all in one design. We are working together with scubajet and beside efficiency it has big advantages as well. Just click it on every mast and go efoiling…real plug &play…how simple is that? :heart_eyes: