CE certificate for eFoil

Hello Guys, love this community and big thanks to the Creator. Im in love with the eFoil as a product and I really want to get one but I have a big doubt. Why no mass production manufacturer have CE Certificate? Maybe is not needed or they can’t get it? There is a bunch of websites selling the product online even Liftfoil but none of them have CE Certificate. What is your opinion on this? Is it safe to buy foil can you buy it without CE? I wrote to eSurfer and they have Flite and Lift on their website, but they wrote to me that they don’t have CE certificate and they will not import the boards before they get one


Hi, I‘m not sure if we think of the same, but CE resembles the product conformoty declaration. The seller has to put it on, to declare that he took the actual norms and laws into consideration. There is no safety or other check behind, so anybody can simply print it on a product. Take a look at Wikipedia about this.


Ce certificate has to be issued from notified body the manufacturer or the distributor are responsible and notified body needs to test the product before placed on EU Market. I know the EU law my friend and that is why I’m in doubt to buy these products that are already placed on the Market. All of them will get big fine if they sell without it. You can just print that for products that are in certain category(low risk), but the eFoil is definitely not in there. (Battery, hydrofoil etc are high risk)

The letters " CE " are the abbreviation of French phrase “Conformité Européene” which literally means “European Conformity”

LIFT has been exporting to UE for quite a few months now (@charlieuk did your friend receive his LIFT efoil ?) Flite has just launched an import platform in Italy (at least a strong partnership) to [edit] reduce shipping costs and simplify the import tax aspect.
What is amazing is that those two 12.000USD crafts (+taxes and shipping) target to invade Europe and conformity seems to have been underestimated … so far so good…

The etakuma will be sold end of April /early May in French surfshops. It will be interesting to follow how they have dealt with what seems to be a hot potatoe.

I don’t think they can reduce the import taxes (unless mafia is involved then everything is possible in Italy), they can just speed up the delivery in EU and also avoid complications for buyers to have to deal customs etc. Is Very unclear for me, even the guys from Lift playing big on emagazin that they have patents and they have nothing, they have a patent application that will never pass. Looking forward to feedback if anyone has more information .@SoEFoil for UA you don’t need certificates :smiley:

Edited: “reduce shipping costs and simplify the import tax aspect”
In fact I meant “global import charges” as serious savings can be made shipping containers instead of parcels. That is how Gong are doing. LIFT will be forced to react to his main competitor last move …:wink:

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Gong doesn’t have eFOil only foils for now

I heard that Etakuma will have CE certificate and wants to start selling in France and Germany in May. for 6500€… This sounds challenging for Fliteboard and Liftfoils…Let`s see what happens:+1:

I dont trust no one untill i see it with my eyes :slight_smile: . If the price is 6500 included Tax and Vat , that board will be probably low performance , comparing to Flite and Lift . Still very good price but as i said :slight_smile: i dont believe until i see it. Anyone ordered eTakuma ?

If you look at the ebike market, cut saving are performed on batteries. This doesn’t explain the two-fold ratio. The boss has declared it would be a low margin product. In addition, they probably have more in house skills than the competitors + partnership with BBTalkin.

Where is UA ? I know UAE but not UA :wink:

UA stands for Ukraine:).

BBTalkin is telecommunication company I don’t think that have anything to do with the quality of the eFoil to be honest, is just a good Marketing Partnership that doesn’t guarantee that the efoil will be better . Is the same like Waydoo or whatever was their name Market that Dji has invested money in them :D.
I’m not saying that eTakuma will be bad product don’t get me wrong. 6500 for me is good price I would definitely look into their product rather than paying 10500 + tax and shipping. For me, the whole eFoil market is shady at the moment no one is transparent enough. At the end ill start building my own like all of you guys. Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge of how to do it as I’m not good with tools :slight_smile:

Neither do I. IMHO BBTalkin is the typical example explaining the ETakuma relatively low price. One of the reasons the LIFT efoil is so expensive is that LIFT :
1- had the possibility to be the first efoil company on the market (prestigious position, the hype, the Will Smith effect, …)
2- was time-pressed and had to hire at high costs all the skills they didn’t have (electronics).
Takuma as a new comer have been more money conscious in this respect. BBTalkin as a Bluetooth communication specialist offer a cost effective, sleak, and probably cheap remote control solution to Takuma which in turn offer a strategic window on the promising efoil market to BBTalkin.

Flite / Fliteboard DOES INDEED have CE certification. The product, and all components has met all requirements and marked as such. As separate note, Fliteboard including its battery (Flitecell) is safest on the market via its BMS, battery sight-glass, board tilt detection cut outs, and other safety cut outs. Along with Australia / Oceania also have Fliteboard Europe Srl , and Fliteboard USA LLC set up for warranty, returns and meet local legal consumer requirements. Free shipping across US. There is a market for lower cost efoils but doesnt affect Fliteboards postion and are happy for all interest in efoils. @WaverX @SoEFoil