Cedar board take 2

This is my second (and hopefully more waterproof) attempt at a hollow core red cedar board.


Very nice! I have built a surf board in a similar way and learned two things:

  • Non skid makes the beautiful woodwork disappear :thinking:
  • I am allergic to red cedar dust :slightly_frowning_face:
    To stiffen the deck I have laminated some left over carbon under the wooden strips.
    In my opinion a very good way to build very nice and lightweight boards.

Loving your remote LoL

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Very impressive build so far! I’m not sure yet on how to build my board for my project but this seems like a fun and special way.

What final weigth of the board are you expecting and what is the volume?

No idea on final weight or what the volume is. It is a short board 4ft 7in, and about 111mm deep in the cockpit area. Probably going to be on the heavy side due to the wooden board and 14s 10p 21700 battery.

Yep, shame to cover it but kind of have to. I built a few other hollow wooden boards and put 4 oz glass on them. Went with 6 oz for this one for added strength. The weave is a bit more evident and it took more epoxy to fill the glass (adding weight) compaired to 4 oz glass… Does make me feel more confident I wont step through the top.