Cedar build from Idaho complete!

Board with battery installed. Secured by 2 PETG retaining clips.

Retaining clip detail (unclipped in photo)

Battery is 21700 14S 10P with 300amp fuse and ANT BMS. In polycarbonate case, fiber glassed with PETG handle. handle has imbedded AMASS 150 plugs (male plug has O rings) that mate with mast top waterproof ESC/BEC/water pump/receiver case.

With mast top ESC box mated with battery in board.

Mast top AMASS plugs that mate with battery.

Dead man switch that kills BEC input to receiver with weight is removed from board lid.

Underside of lid with PETG compression ring that mates with EPDM top gasket and step downs to further secure battery and to activate dead man switch when weighted.

Lid secured with 6 bolts.

Silicon gasket and battery handle with switch. Ready for mast install.

Mast installed. 4 bolts. coolant water exit port in front of mast.


Maytech remote with a facelift.  ASA.  Fully waterproof and floats!

Tip and tail of bookended blocking. hollow core with 4-6 mm cedar planking and 6 OZ S glass/epoxy. Learned a lot from Sliver Paddleboard website. Sells kits and has good instructions. Thanks! Drew this in Fussion 360, sectioned it and cut frame on Router.

Water inlet on clamp front. This is a PETG sleeve over the clamp. Non-structural.

Clamp with sleeve removed. 4 threaded stainless rods through PETG clamp with AL plate. no structural plastic parts in clamp. (sorry poor picture)


Beautiful work here.
What motor did you go with?

Flipsky 65161 with threads, Seal 300A ESC.

Amazing work !
How much does it weigh ?

Board is 26lbs
Mast etc… 17.5lbs
Battery is 27.5lbs

Total 71lbs

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