Cedar Strip E-Foil Board Build "Woody"

Greetings Efoil builders!
I’ve been lurking here for a couple of years. I started a new foil zone login linked with my youtube channel just recently. I spent the fall building my own version of an E-Foil board using a Cedar strip and fiberglass method used for Kayak and Canoe building. I painstakingly documented the whole process and just posted my first two videos on the build with the following links:

I look forward to constructive criticism on the build and guidance in selecting the propulsion system and battery components in time to launch the board this spring. I am offering the challenge to the group to suggest the safest and least complicated build components for a true beginner to E-foiling with basic cruising performance and ride time of up to 20-30 minutes.

Question: Is the Maytech E-Foil kit a legitimate option? (motor/ prop/ waterproof ESC/ remote for around $1200) If this setup is truly plug and play, I would consider the cost worth it to simplify build time and engineering.

I extend my sincere thanks to you all well in advance for your help and good advice.


I subscribed to your channel.
Cant wait for part 2

Nice looking board!

If you buy the components individually you can get them cheaper and also get much better props.

Looks awesome!

Yeah I agree with Jezza.

I have been using a maker-x hi200 ESCs and it has been working pretty well: Go-FOC HI200/HI100 4-16s 75V 300A electric Surfboard Electric Motorcycle Electric kart bicycle ESC VESC - MakerX

A couple other brands sell the same ESC, some with watercooling attachments if you have a pump.

Flipsky, reachertech, maytech motors are all the same except for some shaft size differences. So I’d get one wherever is cheaper.

Maytech remote is probably the best commercial version currently, but there may be some more coming out in the next few months

Prop from flying rodeo is great if you can get one.

All that should still be cheaper then 1200.

Are you in CO? I’m in loveland and have been hitting up some local lakes until early Dec when stuff froze up…

Yes I am in Colorado! I’m just down the road in Boulder. I must have overlooked your build on the forum. It never occurred to me that there might be another local builder doing this. It looks like your setup has been very successful. Your Schrader valve idea is BRILLIANT! I figured I would have to wait until spring to try to test the water tightness of the board, or at least find someone with a really big hot tub!
Where do you ride??

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just dropped part 2!


I’ve been riding on byod and beodecker. Currently beodecker is open enough and was going to ride yesterday but had an issue that I had to skip it. Going to try and go back on the next warm day I think.

Got to try and lift foil on boulder res early last year, but apparently he got talked to and you need a powerboat permit to efoil there…

I had to register my efoil with the state as a boat last year so I could keep riding byod.

Looking forward to checking out your efoil at some point!

I’m inspired that you are out riding in January! I have a ski boat on the Boulder Res. They are extremely restrictive. I was aware that at least one person had an efoil out there but I never saw it. They hardly let anyone out on the res this year due to COVID. Registering the foil as a boat makes sense, its just a bit of a hassle.
I would really love to check out your foil setup if you would have the time. I need to start making decisions on hardware and seeing a completed build in person would help a lot.
Thanks in advance
Scott Clemensen

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A serious possibility here with @yargaroo’s that could be US based:
'Anyone need a complete mast with 65162 already finished

buying a pre made mast/ propulsion unit is tempting, but I think I still want the experience of putting together the build components myself. great idea though

Part three of the build: I’m thinking I’ll have 6 or 7 parts total based on raw footage that still needs editing


Brilliant, great video’s and new inspiration! Looking forward to see the rest


Love the design. Interested to know what the weight is of the board

The board alone is about 21.5 lbs or 9.75 kg. I don’t really know what to compare it to, but I’m sure its a bit heavy compared to a carbon board. I built it large. It’s a full five and a half feet, similar to a lift “cruiser” board.

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Nice video set!

Yeah I guess my ride on boulder was probably 2 years ago now, I know it was pre-covid because I heard the lake got locked down pretty good.

Yeah would be happy to get together at some point, maybe when the water starts to open up again. My tries at beodecker were unsuccessful, the wind blew in the ice at the launch and didn’t want to do a big hike to get to open water.


sounds like you could start an E-Foil/ Polar Bear club
I think I will wait until spring!