Changing different voltage battery causing power issues

Running Flipsky 75100 Pro ESC with 65161 motor. Initial motor detection wizard was done with 13S7P Battery. So my issue is that I usually use 13S battery but I built a larger 14S10P battery for a little more power and longer ride times but for some reason when I try the 14S battery I get a lot less power to where I cant even get on foil. Not getting any fault codes and cant find any parameters under vesc configurator that would cause a higher voltage battery to not work properly. The only really voltage setting in the configurator is low voltage cutoff which shouldn’t effect the power since the voltage is even higher above the cutoff since it was originally configured for 13S battery. The BMS on the 14S battery is connected only for charging and the discharge is coming directly from battery.

What remote are you using the Flipsky VX3 allows you to select how many cells in your battery.

I am using the VX3 and I did change the voltage setting on there but think that setting is only there so that the controller can displays the proper voltage remaining bar and don’t think it is really affecting anything else.

Yeh strange that it’s giving you less power at 14S. Hope you find a solution soon.

I assume you have used multimeter to check the 14s is full voltage etc?

Rerun the detection wizard at 14s and see what happens. There may well be an overvolt protection mode kicking in…

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Voltage output is good but good idea, I’ll give that a shot

I’m very new to all this (just posted for the first time) but wonder if perhaps your ESC’s current limit is kicking in? If you have increased your system Voltage, then your prop will be trying to turn faster, so Amps should go up. Does the prop spin up ok unloaded (out of the water - assuming it is ok to run the motor out of water?)?