Charging battery "through" Antispark?

I have built my battery with BMS and Antispark before the wires go to the ESC.
Because the antispark-cables have a clear marking of direction, I wonder if they can take it when I connect my charger to them (black +/-) instead of the BMS (blue +/-). I do the latter now, but have to open the battery box for charging …
Any suggestions?

With a specific mosfet setup I think you can have current flow either direction, but if you don’t know 100% then it’s not worth frying the switch.

Thanks, thought so, didn’t dare to try. And I don’t trust the chinese stuff, they often don’t think of things “that might happen” but just about “easiest way to achieve goal”.

Should have placed the antisparkies into the ESC box instead of the battery. Hmm!

In my battery box I have the battery connected straight to a breaker, and after that I have parallel lines going to the anti-spark and a waterproof charging plug in the side of the box. It’s not ideal but it’s been working for my setup.

From electrical standpoint, the FETs used for Antispark should always conduct in backwards direction without problems, through their so-called body diode (thats inherent in any FET and not something a manufacturer needs to put there)… For small charging currents like 10 or 20A they should be fine. If you want to test, charge with moderate current and measure the voltage drop in the negative line before and after the antispark (basically voltmeter across - in to - out of AS). The voltage should be very little.
If the AS is made for eSkate, there will be “charging currents” from regen braking, which the devices can handle as well.