Cheap AliExpress wings -worth the money

Hi, I’m looking to have a crack at wingfoiling but am unwilling to pay top dollar for the privilege. Work on a DIY board will be starting soon and I have started to think about the hydrofoil.

Does anyone have advice about whether the cheap AliExpress options are worthwhile?
Also, I’ve also seen semi DIY hydrofoil from [Clearwater] any feedback would be great.

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What’s your budget and where are you? I would suggest following the classifieds of and Buying used gear is a great discount if you have time to wait for a good deal.

Most of the guys who have actually ridden aliexpress foils moved on very quickly and didn’t have nice things to say about the experience.

Gong is a great value. It’ll take awhile to get to the US, but could be in your price range.

Hi Hdip, thanks for the information I will check those sites.

I’m in the UK and will be trying to keep the price of a foil under £400 ($550 US)

Gong has a lot of different wings at affordable prices. RL also has some wings that could work for wingfoiling 1600cm2 or the 2000, see here:
here: New RL efoil wing - #33 by kiterr

Send a mail directly to René for a DIYS price (cheaper than in their web shop).

Hello! How did your idea end? did you have to buy it or did you print it yourself on a 3d printer?

Aztron are pretty cheap and look OK.

The gong stuff is great and lots of options to get different wings after the first purchase.