Cheaper motor, 63150,12S 100KV

I am a player from China, and I found a motor factory. They are willing to develop a 63150 motor with voltage of 12S, maximum current of 150A, 100KV and maximum power of 6KW, but the price is estimated at $200.If you think it is reasonable, you can reply to me and express your intention, so that I can have more bargaining chips to negotiate with the manufacturer

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I am in if you are talking about an inrunner.

I am really happy with this news. After Reacher Tech, Maytech, a third manufacturer is good news.
However, as @Alexandre rightly noted let’s be careful. You can collect the names but a hasty group buy for 50 motors satisfying these exact specs will not be enough:
63150, 12s, 100KV, 6KW and :star_struck: … 200USD
We also need torque because power without torque is useless since the guys over 80kg (160lbs) might not move forward.
The only way to prove that torque (8+N.m ? to be confirmed by @rcjetman, @Jezza, @virus, … ) is present is to test in water.

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I’d be very interested to compare the 100kv and 120kv versions. If either of these work well I’d end up taking 4-5 motors as I have a couple of builds going.
I really wish one of these companies would send me units to test and thoroughly compare to the flying rodeo unit!

Hi guys - if this is happening count me in!

You can count me in as well

I’m in…

Tizoc, When you can list motors that are 63150 12S, 100kv, ~6.6KW for about $ 200-$250 you will have thousands of orders… you will be very rich. This is to good to be true ? is it true ??? how will you be selling ? only contacting via private message or listing on a site with customer protection?

I will get 4 if listed on a site with customer protection.


That is nothing special at that price. The problem is the N fold factor applied by the middlemen.
As usual, information is key. Thanks @Tizoc.
Look at this Outrunner proposed by @alan_wong, 900CNY =115EUR = 130usd. Thanks Alan.

Add to this epoxying the stator, change bearing for hybrid make a custom shaft and you are not at 130usd… I did myself prepared 4 out runner builds ( successful) and very efficient but nothing compares to the softness and efficiency of an optimized direct drive inrunner.

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My second motor is this one. 699 CNY

And replace the bearing, shaft, C clip and washer to 316 material. about 120 CNY.

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I’m in for 4 motors as well is all checks out for heavier riders.

I would like to test this motor if the price is below $200 usd.

Yes, I know of a few non-efoil-builders that will certainly be interested from over at

But we would prefer outrunners and slightly higher Kv, maybe 120Kv minimum (200Kv maximum)

We want inrunners so that there are no mods or bearing maintenance.


Does not outrunner, which were developed directly for this purpose, not synonymous !!

Find it anyway astonishing, as some engines are compared here, it is claimed that they are the same, without Wuckelscheme and magnet structure to know.

Outrunner still has significant advantages over an Inrunner at the same weight.

Greetings Frank