Cheapest motor and esc setup?

Hi, I am building a electric hydrofoil at the moment for my school alevel design project, I have the board foil and battery already. Board is about 90litres but only weights 4.5kg, the foil is my windsurfing one, is 900cm2 front wing, but very good early lift for its size. And the battery is a 12s setup. And I am fairly light, only weigh 70kg.
Due to it being a school project and me being a student I am on a low budget, so am wondering, what is the cheapest motor and esc setup possible to get this kit up and foiling? Any help and advice is really really appreciated, and if anyone has any used motor or esc for sale that would suit my setup please let me know!

Look up PowerGlider build, using e-skate outrunners running wet.
You can get a cheap 6384 motor for 55$ including shipping which is proven to work but you’d have to do some epoxy coating against salt water and overall better efficiency.

63100 run in wet (epoxied) and vesc75200 from hgltech.
Or even cheaper: US $88.00 | 1PCS Flycolor FlyDragon 150A ESC 5-12S HV OPTO for RC hobby model aircraft helicopter electronic speed controll For JP EDF motor

You need to modify cooling, either mount it on an alu plate for passiv cooling or put the fets on a watercooling plate.

I would not save 2 much on the ESC. I have done this in the beginning while working on Esk8’s in the end it turned out more expensive, you keep on trying ones. If you just buy a decent one you’re done, it should last quite some time. I would advice a VESC since it’s quite well controlled, it can limit input current so protects your battery and also controls motor current (other ones don’t do this). And they aren’t that expensive. I would go for the Flipsky 200A water-cooled one at BG it’s 150€ or so with some discount.

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