China efoil packages for sale

They are here.

Alibaba, is selling efoils ready to go on mass production. I’ve seen a few different types of boards etc from different suppliers

Prices seem to range from 3800-4500usd

Would be interesting to see what kind of quality longevity they have.

So they are using pictures from Liftfoil, that’s absolute not serious!
If you sell a BMW you don’t show pictures of a Mercedes. :joy:

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I did contact them last week, and they said the prototype was not ready yet. They will need another 2 weeks before sending pictures and video.

I think they are far behind mass production. Maybe they will be ready for next summer

2 weeks sounds like the right time frame to develop a prototype : D

I contacted them as well. They told me it’s still in development and testing but are taking pre orders.

The supplier said specs were
40km pr hr
Range 25km
12 month warranty on parts

Pre order price was $3800usd expected product in June/July this year.


The design is very similar as the one on this website and also the components seems the same. Would not be suprise if they are with us here lol

Besides those copies from Lift Foils and the other SUP lookalike efoils, there’s also this “F1 model”


Some updates in the forum on this subject:

Hi guys

Do you have any news from this product ?
available ? still in R&D ?


For what it’s worth, I spoke with a seller that indicated that they would ship orders within 30 days. They would only take orders of 15 or greater and were priced at roughly $2400 each.

Hello Friend, our side also accept 1 sample order If want to check quality first.—Lisa

Hi Lisa, I have just joined this forum, are you still offering this product? - Miker

Huhh, user profile: :thinking: