China planetary gearbox

Has anybody tried/destroyed one of these planetary gearboxes?

Its the same size OD as my SSS360 motor, which would be great for cooling.

I suspect motor RPM might be too high for it though. I contacted the supplier but still waiting on spec.

I bought one before my actual, wasted money. They’re crap. Not easy to couple, long, you make it spin and you can feel that it won’t last 2minutes at the speed and load we need! Further then this: month and half to get that from China, cost more than doubled between Custom and shipment… 100%disappointment guarantee!!

Thanks for the heads up! I thought I was being a bit too optimistic.

Anyone know of a good quality brand name gearbox other than a Neugart PLE 40 5:1? I have been looking around for a while but finding a Neugart is very hard in Australia no Neugart dealer found. I don’t see the point in buying something that is not up to the task. What other brands are being used? Many thanks

Apex, Reisenauer. but i am not sure about the dealership


Apex, made in Korea or Singapore, all a different quality!

@MaB do you have a price and link for that gearbox? Have you had good results with it?

Got that from Flying Rodeo, with beautifull motor mount. No issues so far.

what coupler do you use? did you use a axial bearing or do you push the thrust load to the (quite big) built in bearing of the gearbox. I also got one from flying rodeo and I’m still thinking about how to connect the shaft.

Axial bearing and 2grub at 90degree for each side, lots of green Loctite

So you use a rigid coupler 12x10mm?

Yes, 12x8mm. In “Build” section there’s a photo. First time it failed, grub screw broken, I put an M5 one, lathed down to 4mm on the last 2mm lenght just to enter the gearbox key slot. Lot of green loctite after having cleaned many times the parts with Acetone