Chinese Alibaba efoil?

I found on Alibaba a manufacturer who is the original manufacturer for waydoo.
I can buy for less than1/2 the price as getting it from a dealer.
Without delivery it is priced at 2600.
Dealer here wants around 7k.
Is it worth as try to buy direct from the manufacturer ?
I was going to build one, but it will cost way more money to build.

Yes best is you order it there…no warranty and only payment possible is western union or bitcoin… what an easy scam…

I’ve recently gone down the Chinese-supply option myself, after spending too much time in the workshop followed by more time in the water than above it. I opted for a trade assurance supplier, plus had a dialogue with the supplier, got sent photos that looks legitimate, etc. This was after working with another supplier that looked legitimate but the focus of the dialogue was on how legitimate they were and I was never sent any information other than what my 16 yo daughter could dream up. And they were not interested in using a trade assurance arrangement. Pity, the deal looked great, but far too much risk.
Note that I have not given up on my own-build … having far too much fun in the build to give that part up completely … it is more that I have gone for a balanced approach to get some more fresh air in my day!

What supplier did you find that you thought was legit?
There one I am dealing with will do trade assurance, but there battery size is 3000w .
Complete shipped priced is3750.

Interesting, I will follow.
Shipping from China to Europe? by sea?

Shipping China to New Zealand by sea for the package. This compares with all by air for build parts. The air service has been pretty good over the last couple of years. For example, I received a BMS within 4 days from China whereas it took two weeks to get some simple parts between cities in New Zealand. Some good lessons learned on the build itself as well which I aim to send to the forum in a couple of weeks. e.g., use of the front end of a turbocharger compressor to make an aluminum impellor (after failure on 3D printing), and using a bike tyre high pressure valve to put the battery/ESC box under slight pressure when using it - actually this proved its worth for testing for leaks before going to the sea … nothing like a little pressure and a dump into a spa pool to figure out my Al welding wasn’t as good as I thought!

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I’m in the same position for wing board and foil. Once I figure in shipping, the price is no longer as attractive. Scammed on a brothers printer from China. Not sure it’s worth the hassle.