Chinese jet drive

I’m very curious about this Chinese jet drive on ebay. The video from the manufacturer looked pretty impressive:

someone here already bought it but never used it… Look further for this thread

I’m hoping someone with a little more experience will look at the video of this thing shooting water, and read the buyer review that says this thing can push 2 people in kayak with a total weight 250kg at a speed of 10 km/hrs and give me some idea whether this thing will work or not for an efoil.

After doing a little more research, I see that they have 2 models. The one on Ebay is the 2600 watt model (KED450 - 50.4v 50a). If you go to Ali Express you can buy the 6000 watt model (KED380T - 60v 90a). I’m pretty sure that the smaller one on Ebay wouldn’t work. The bigger one just might work!

Should be this one

I am very disappointed with KEDEAN Jet Fin KD380T (6000W supposedly).
I have just sent an enquiry to Kedean over AliExpress Here is what I have just written. Lets see what they will answer but it is clear one way or another that this eats Watts twice as much as my Trolling motors and all max speed between 5mph (ave max) and 6mph (peak max).
Hi, I finally was able to test the kit you sold me on the lake.

Are you sure you have sold me KD380T (6000W) and shipped it or did you ship KD450 (2800W)?

How am I suppose to tell the difference ?

The reason is that I used 4 * Lipo Lithium 60Ah 14.4V batteries so 57.6V and the current consumption was between 52A & 54A at full throttle.

First conclusion:

so it means the calculated max wattage is around 3000W instead of 6000W as specified.

Second conclusion:

Your water turbo jet propulsion system suppose to be much more efficient than trolling motors but in my testing I am getting max average speed around 5mph with peak speed 6mph (depending where I stand on the board). With 2000W Caroute N300 180LB & 1500W POER 240LB I am getting the same speed and the same Amp consumption between 50A and 60A BUT on 24V / 28.8V !

That means that your system is wasting half of energy on nothing and achieving the same speed and the same range of 1h with double the battery required !

Second problem:

Your remote controller does not work. When I put it on wireless charger it blinks red (both in ON & OFF positions) The remote does not power up. I had to use Flipsky remote controller instead to do the testing with: Flipsky VX1 Remote attached to your ESC.
You can also find a pictures and what I have written testing it on Fiday July 24th on our NW Windtalk Windsurfing /Windfoiling Website:
" Oodenny Friday"

Also more about my project as I put it on hold for a while:
“How to quickly convert your Windsurf Foil Board into Electric Foil Board for around $1500 - DIY - Methodology behind”

Also my project here:

Seattle USA Converting Windfoil (Windsurf Foil Board) into E-Foil when not enough wind using Trolling Motor

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To be honest in our applications the only way a jet would truly be efficient is if the foil had self stabilization maintaining the optimum height of a jet (which is slightly out of the water). A jet loses efficiency when fully submerged because the jet is now fighting the surrounding water on the output side creating resistance at the output nozzle. This is my understanding at least

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Have you sold this? I’m interested.

Nope, the “Y” stands for @yargaroo.