Choose an ESC or VESC

I am completely lost on the esc, I still do not know what to take esc or vesc which model and which brand? I am on my second efoil build, on the first efoil I installed a seakink v3 130A which works well and easy to program but on my new project I cannot install the same because I have a 13S battery.
Would there be people who could help me in my choice, thank you

I only see 2 real options for any build that will have 14s14p. Personally, I wouldn’t configure the battery less than 14s14p and I definitely would have the VESC ready for that size:

Flipsky 75200
Trampa 75300

Hopefully I’m wrong, as I have complaints with both of those VESCs and ready to explore other options…

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I just ordered the makerX 75200 VESC. I am pretty sure it is the same as the aluminum heatsink (non-waterproofed) Flipsky 75200 variant. Will let you know how it looks when it arrives since I have not seen a review of it yet.

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Seems to me as well although there is a new flipsky with a two part alu case (buttom and top). The new one has a second serial port.
Hgltech also sells them under their name, you can get the “older” model with just the standard com port for quite cheap, you get an extra 10% if you leave it in the shop basket for a while. Bought one for 215$ + shipping. Haven’t tested it so I can’t say much about it.

The makerX was 250 including shipping. That is a good price if it works well!

Looks like the new Flispky FSESC75200 also comes with beefier input caps, when compared to MakerX HI200 for example. They might help keep it alive if you are pulling a lot of amps.


I did a comparison between vesc(foc) and traditional esc this summer. Vesc gives us logging and is less noisy than the traditional esc that doesn’t use a sinus wave to drive the motor.

I still run 500kv with gearbox and for that motor is got a 15-20% less power out of the Vesc compared with the esc using the same battery, 12S.

You apparently loose some amplitude when going foc and this has a big impact on RPM on the motor.

My conclusion is that if you have used a traditional esc up till now and want to get a Vesc that gives you the same rpm I’m the motor you would need to increase you battery voltage.

I got a video in my Instagram that shows the difference in rpm, you hear the difference in motor rev.



With that said, is anyone running a direct drive motor on a traditional esc, yep or seaking for example?

Why not the ZTW seal 300? Seen several using it here. Not VESC but ”waterproof” and it looks like a higher end controller than many of the others.

Isn’t maytech “waterproof controller” just a rebranded Seal 300A with waterproof connectors?

So all the A200S deviants?:

  • Triforce A200S (still some kits left on the site)
  • Flipsky 75200
  • Maker X Go-foc HI200

Trampa 75300
ZTW Seal 300

Heifi Swordfish X 300a

Any others that can handle 14s14p, which are proven to “work”? Is the seal maytech?

You said it, it’s not VESC. There are so many cool accessories for VESC, and the VESC RT (telemetry) data + config options are excellent. Also, you can get VESC updates and new features just by flashing new FW whenever it comes out in VESC master repository.

For example, I have a VESC based controller + Metr Pro + FlexiBMS in my esk8. While charging, I get all the cell voltages and charging status info wirelessly in the Metr app. When riding, I can record amps, voltages, temps, everything. I can even config and reflash the controller as needed, totally wirelessly. That’s a huge bonus in an eFoil because you can waterproof things and not worry about opening it any time soon.


For me if controller just works like intended i’d rather ride than look at logs or program. Because of this i see the vesc capabilities as a bonus but not a selling point.

I’ve seen several dead trampa 75300 on this forum so they don’t seem to be better on the most important point.

The hifei swordfish X 300a. I have one. Just their customer service is horrid.

Yeah, tbh I would not trust Trampa too much either. Their products seem ok-ish but the customer support is definitely not as good as it should be, from what I have heard. I don’t have first hand experience. I hope I am wrong.

For the data, sure, if you just want to go out and ride, that’s fine. On the other hand, a very important part of the hobby for me is to ride, then look at what happened and then do data-driven decisions on where to go next. That works for me, and its very much fun in my opinion, but I also understand that some people are not really into that. Its great that there are many options available.

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Looks nice, the 25mm height is a plus for the space restricted builds .
ZTW seal 300A is actually 48mm with the sticking out caps

It’s just a noisy bastard! Motor make much more noise than with other ESC’s

The Trampa website is a disaster. I think it’s a robust enough, good product, as long as you don’t have any issues. I was so frustrated with their support channels, that I found it easier to get support on this forum. Still I have a dead 75300, that I have to send back and hope that they fix when they have time?? Or send to some third party to have fixed.

The dead Flipsky I have will take months? To get it fixed from sending it back and forth to China. So regardless of the money, it’s easier to get a new one. And even that is going to take 3 to 4 weeks. Maker X promises a new one in 10 days and is cheaper, but no water cooling and as you mentioned the caps looks smaller.

The Triforce kit is looking the most exciting at this point, but they appear to be closing that out.

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Was in contact with triforce and they told me the new a200s v3 should be available soon.
So this might be an option, if you have some time.

Here’s a good thread on VESC-project describing the status and progress of A200s v3:

Looks like the designer is at the 3rd or 4th beta iteration and close to a final design.

How long before the knock offs release a version?

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I also bought some knockoffs, because they are available, the only abailable 75v VESC that is not a knockoff is trampa 75/300, but it is quite bulky wheras the triforce knockoffs are smaller. I’ll try the triforce when available. Hope the Flipsky 75200 lasts longer than the MTVESC6.12 which died on the workbench…