Choose your Foil

Can you enlighten me when choosing the foil? I noticed three big categories of Foil: Kite Foil, Surf Foil or Sup Foil … According to the category the shape of the wings change …
There is also the long mat that is important …
So what is the type of foil most suitable for E-Foil and which mat to choose depending on whether one is beginner like me (just a good level of snowboarding and skateboarding) or expert?
I found this foil from Gong what do you think?
Thank you for your advice.

I would take this one

With a flat plate for the mast , 65cm is nice for learning

thank you for your advice @Alexandre

Make sure to order one with a hollow mast for your wires – unless you are going to run them along the outside. Like this one: Hydrofoil In Surfing Plate Base Aluminum Mast Is Hollow - Buy Hydrofoil Surfboars,Hydrofoil Carbon Fiber,Hydrofoil Aluminum Mast Product on

And here is the one I ended up purchasing which took only two weeks to receive from China (I’m U.S. East Coast):

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Yes it’s Hollow

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Often overlooked are the Windsurf foils. I have chosen the 2018 Naish WS1 windsurf foil because its a relatively large wing (1220cm2), so it should lift good weight, and because the profiles are designed for speed also. The profile on my wing is about 60% of the thickness of a similar sized surf/sup foil.

Thank you for your answers…
another question is how many cm to put his axis of the tail mat of his board? I know there are paintings that give the distance but we are talking about a DIY board …
@Hiorth, how much did you place your foil …? I picked up something close to the shape of your board …

We paid 400$ +shipping for the takuma foil from Great Phoenix on Alibaba. Front wing is built with foam core and pretty good finish.

I can not express myself with my english english … lol
what is the measurement between the back of the board and the axis of the mat …?

I got the slingshot variation and the mast bent on my second run… It’s interesting that some have got lucky with theirs not bending!

We bought the Takuma style and 2x slingshot-style(kite and windsurf), we ordered 1 extra mast. We have bent one mast, but that was from one guy falling on the wing. As our boards are pretty heavy (high inertia), and our masts are long, the strain on the masts can be quite high if a rider falls on them, I think you will be able to bend most of the aluminium masts on the market if you are unlucky.

The mast profile on the takuma is different, so could be that they are of different grade of aluminium.

Link in my post : where to put the mast …

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In fact, it’s relative to board length : middle of mast chord at 20 to 25% of board length. You can’t go wrong.

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thank you for this precious and precise answer, I calclcule 38 cm … I’m not far.

Yeah my Chinese mast is definitely a different grade aluminium compared to the real Slingshot mast I bought! But hey it still cost me very little so its alright!