Chop Shop Tails

After seeing this picture. I have an AXIS 370 tail that I’m considering chopping. I know it’s foam core. Any tips? How would I reseal the tips if I go into the foam core?

What tails have you chopped and what did you learn?

Come to the garage my man…

First, depending on how far you chop you might not get to foam. The Axis tips feel like they are solid for over an inch. (Really well built.) But if you get into foam, I’d sand a bevel to the end and then laminate some carbon onto the end and sand it to the shape you want. Just 2-3 layers unless you were going to really sculpt it.

I’m really wanting to make some G10 tails too. Gong is back ordered on their smaller tails so I may take matters into my own hands.

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I would love to see the insides of any chopped or broken wings. Please take / post some pics of the layers before you close it up.

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Noah, I chopped that HiSun and the foam surprised me. It was at least 8lb per square inch. Seriously strong.

From my recent Axis repair (yeah my foil friends are hard on gear :joy:) I saw that they are clearly molded. The foam stops near the tips which are solid for at least 1.5" in a thin profile high aspect wing. I also suspect that Axis HA wings are almost solid in the middle due to the sunken mount. Built like a truck.

My low aspect Gong big wing seems to have foam further out to tips but still has a ton of carbon around it.

If I get a serious break I’ll take pics for sure.